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April Newsletter

Hello everyone!

This month, we are presenting you with video updates, new opportunities & programs for the Summer/Fall, and a list of available Extracurriculars.


We have uploaded new videos to our website.

One video covers a prestigious extracurricular activity known as AMC (American Math Competition). We will cover what it is, why it is considered prestigious for college applications, and when students need to start training for it.

Our second new video presents an overview of Virginia Tech and the specs of students who recently got admitted. Compared to UVA, Virginia Tech is unique in that the specs are different depending on the major you choose to apply to. You can find these videos here:


Learn Ahead Summer Classes

11th grade is difficult because students take several difficult AP courses while trying to master the SATs and participate in Extracurricular Activities. For these reasons, several of our students opt to learn difficult courses ahead of time during the last 3 weeks of summer. This helps them to build the foundational skills they need to do well in difficult courses, as well as the confidence they need to maintain good study habits.

Prime Academy is offering the following Learn Ahead programs for students:

AP Calculus BC AP Chemistry AP Physics 1

July 25th - August 12th

Monday to Friday, 5-7pm

5/1 Early Registration: $900

Regular Registration: $1200

Max 5 students per class

Minimum 3 students per class

No refunds

We highly recommend that students Learn Ahead for one of these difficult subjects.

Business Competition Team (Rising 9th, 10th, 11th)

Sam Teacher will be leading these groups to help students win business competitions. The groups will be divided into 3 groups based on grade levels, and Sam intends on training students to get ready and participate in 3-4 business competitions during the year. Competitions will range from State, Regional, and even National levels, depending on how well students do. Meetings will be weekly for 1.5 hours, but days and times are not set yet.

AMC Math Competition

AMC is an elite Math competition that takes place in November. There are 3 levels for AMC - AMC 8, AMC 10, AMC 12. If students do well on their AMC test, they will get selected for the AIME math competition, and potentially receive a spot on the US Junior Math Olympiad Team.

Writing Competition Training & Submission

Students will be trained to write sample essay prompts for different writing competitions. Once students are trained, they will submit their essays to national 2-4 writing competitions. Meetings will be weekly for 2 hours during summer for 10 weeks, but days and times are not set yet.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please email us and let us know, and we will contact you once we finalize details.


Many EC application deadlines have now passed. You can find some extracurricular activities below, but there likely won’t be any new opportunities opening until the Fall of 2022. As soon as the Fall EC applications open, we will be sure to let you know through our newsletters.



FDA OCE Summer Scholars Program (Juniors or Seniors only, 4/15 deadline)



We hope you find this information helpful!

Have a wonderful day!

- Sam

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