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December Newsletter - NEW EC LIST! 90 opportunities!

Hi everyone!

A couple of announcements:

  1. Winter SAT Concepts class registration is due by 12/16! More information here:

  2. We are getting ready for our free annual seminar regarding college prep and admissions, which will likely be late January/early February. Last year, we had over 100+ people attend our seminars, so please check our website for more information/registration on January 1st.


We have released 3 extracurricular (EC) lists. As mentioned in previous seminars, it is VERY IMPORTANT that students engage in extracurriculars for college admissions.

Summer EC Programs - 46 opportunities

Internships - 11 opportunities

Non-stem EC Activities List - 33 opportunities

We hope you find this information helpful and we wish everyone Happy Holidays!


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