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Meet Our Wonderful Teachers
Experienced, Passionate, Inspiring


Sam Han

Founder, CEO

- J.D., DC Law

- B.S., Georgia Tech

Whether studying in law school, working in IT consulting, or cofounding startups, Sam has always had a passion for helping people reach their goals. No matter the task before him, Sam always makes it a priority to focus on people first.


Jae Lee

Founder, COO

- B.S., Georgia Tech

Jae has consistently tutored at multiple academies and is a beloved teacher among many of his students. He has a passion for helping students achieve their goals, and he loves instilling confidence that changes lives.



Dr. Gregory Gallagher

AP Chemistry

- College Professor at NVCC, SU

- Teacher at Academies of Loudoun


Jennie Lee

AP Biology

- Fairfax IB Biology Teacher

- IA Biology Mentor

- ISEF Science Fair Coordinator

Richard Priest.jpg

Richard Priest

AP Physics C

- Over 30 years of experience

- Specializes in TJ, AOS sciences


Rama Srinivasan

AP Physics 1

- Loudoun AP Physics Teacher


Kristin Bird

AP World History

- Loudoun AP World History Teacher



Professor Greg Macklem

AP Multivariable & Linear Algebra

- Professor at Notre Dame

- Director AP & STEM Program

Daniel Mata.jpg

Daniel Mata

Algebra to AP Calculus 

- Math Department, Univ. of N. Texas

- 5 years of experience tutoring

Erick Foster.jpg

Erick Foster

Geometry to AP Calculus

- 5 years of experience tutoring

Eunji Kim

Eunji Kim

SAT Math & English, Algebra, Geometry

15 years of experience tutoring

Jayce Lee

Jayce Lee

Algebra to Precalculus

- 3 years of experience tutoring


Danny Son

Danny Son

SAT English & Math, Chemistry

- Masters, Columbia University 

- B.S, University of Chicago 

- 24 years experience tutoring

cimino work pic.jpg

Jessica Cimino

AP Language Arts

- Loudoun AP Lang Teacher


Rebecca Steimer

English, AP Lang, AP Literature

- Masters in Education

- AP Lang and AP Literature Teacher

Jessica Camargo.jpg

Jessica Camargo

English, AP Lang, AP Literature

- Masters in English

- Masters in Information Science

- University Writing Center

Justine Clougherty

Justine Clougherty

English, Writing Instructor

- Fairfax County Staff

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