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Mentoring Program

2x Monthly Meetings

ACADEMICS (45 min)


  • Academic Meetings will focus on sustaining strong academic performance.

  • Mentors will regularly assess students' academic progress, including GPA, SAT scores, and course selection.

  • Should students require assistance with their coursework, mentors will offer guidance and recommend programs to help them realign with their academic goals.


  • EC Meetings will focus on crafting a robust extracurricular portfolio for the EC and Honors sections of college applications.

  • Mentors will provide guidance on discovering EC opportunities that complement students' academic interests and intended college majors.

  • Additionally, students will cultivate passion projects to enhance their character and personality, enriching their college applications.


The mentoring program requires a commitment for the entire academic year.

6-8th Grade Students 

9th Grade Students 

10th Grade Students 

11th Grade Students 

Sorry. We are no longer accepting students for this program.

Additional Info

If a student requires academic or extracurricular assistance, we will offer tailored recommendations to help them achieve their goals. For instance, while we assist students in finding EC opportunities aligned with their objectives, any activities involving essay and application submissions may incur an additional fee.

We are currently accepting signups for this service. Please note that availability will be on a first-come, first-served basis once registration opens. If you are interested, kindly sign up using the button below, or feel free to contact us via email or phone.

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