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Columbia University

Hello everyone!

We wanted to send you November's newsletter a little earlier since Early Applications for college admissions are due soon.

Last month, it was revealed that Columbia University gave incorrect data regarding their academics, leading to a drop from rank 2 to rank 18 in US News and World Report's college rankings. Related article for your reference here:

This should result in a drop in Columbia's admissions this year, and perhaps lead to a less rigorous admissions review process. As a result, Columbia may be more accepting of students compared to previous years. Many people believe that the drop in rank will be temporary, and that Columbia's rank will go back up in time.

To current seniors applying to college, we have notified them of this situation so that they can make an educated decision on whether to apply or not. We wanted to extend the same information to you as well so that your student can make informed decisions. Depending on 2022-2023 admissions statistics, students applying to colleges next year may also have a higher chance of acceptance than normal.

Please do more research as your decisions are your own. We will continue to update you so that you can make better final decisions for your students.

Thank You, Sam

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